Frequently asked questions

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01 General issues
Which time zone does your website use?

Our website uses the GMT time zone (London, UK).


CP INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LTD Investment Company is an investment company based in United Kingdom that provides investment through the mining of cryptocurrency.

Is your business legal?

Of course! We are a licensed and registered company and we adhere strictly to the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom.

How do Coin profit make profits?

We are an investment company that relies on cryptocurrency mining and that is how we generate excellent revenues.

Which payment processors do you accept?

Presently, we accept BITCOIN and ETH.

Does Coin Profit allow compounding?

Presently we do not accept compounding.

How safe and secure is my investment here?

Our website has several levels of encryption and protection from security companies.

What is your profit source?

Our profit source is cryptocurrencies mining. Read the "About us" section to get more information regarding this.

Should I pay taxes from the profit I earn?

We do not impose tax payment on your investors. The payment of tax from profit earned is the sole decision of your investors.

How do I open an account?

Opening an account is quite easy. What you need to do is to sign up by clicking this link
Then, fill out all the important information on the account creation page.

Can I open an account for free?

Setting up an account doesn't come at any price. It's free of charge.

I forgot my account password. What to do?

In the case where you forgot your password, simply click on the forgot password feature on the page. Then provide your email or username and a password reset link will be sent to your email.

How many investment plans can I register for?

You can sign up for as many investment plans as you want.

What is the minimum and maximum deposit limit?

The minimum deposit limit is ฿0.00300000 while maximum is ฿100.00000000.

Can I increase my investments?

Of course you can. You are free to increase your investments at any time and the increment will be added to your deposit after the payment system confirms it.

How quickly are payments made?

All payments are instant.

Is there any affiliate program?

Yes, we do provide an affiliate option.

How does the affiliate program work and how much can I make from it?

It's quite simple. Our 1-level affiliate program pays 5% of the investor's deposits, 2-level affiliate program pays 2% of the investor's deposits and 3-level affiliate program pays 1% of the investor's deposits.